KarzDaar hunter app web series cast Shyna khatri and jayshree gaikwad 2023.


So friends hunter app has released the teaser of KarzDaar web series on its youtube app. So let's know what we will get to see in this Hindi web series and when will it be released?

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Jayshree gaikwad

📌 Friends, talking about the cast of KarzDaar web series, Shyna Khatri and Jayshree Gaikwad will be seen in it. Along with Deepak Dutt will also be seen. Talking about its story, its story is going to be a bit like Pehredaar of Prime play app. In this also the tradition of the village will be shown.

There is a rule in the village, that if someone borrows from someone and if he does not keep it generous, then the daughter of the house from where he borrows has to marry the people of that house.

Shyna khatri

Shyna khatri will be seen following this rule in its story. Now what is going to be the role of Jayshree Gaikwad and Deepak Dutt here, it is not known in the teaser. We will know this only after the series or the trailer comes. A lot of tremendous scenes will be seen in this. Talking about the release date, this KarzDaar will be seen in the fast or second week of January 2023. Friends, how much you are excited to see this, tell in the message and if you like the update, then follow www.uttarpurbanchal.com.

Shyna khatri

Full information.

  1. Shyna khatri
  2. Deepak Dutt Sharma 
  3. Jayshree gaikwad

Story type Romantic and Suspense
Released platformHunter app
LanguageHindi, English, Tamil, talagu, Marathi, kannada,
Release date13 January 2023
Number of episodes1
Time duration 30 minutes .

Jayshree gaikwad"

Flat screen prime play .

"Shyna khatri"

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