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So finally Juaa web series has been released on prime play. Which I was waiting a long time to see. And I got to see that today. So guys I just watched Juaa web series and what good and what bad I found in this series? Whether this series is worth us or not, today I am going to tell you in this blog and I will also tell you how the performance of cast and crew was in this, so let's start the blog quickly. 📌

Juaa prime play

📌 By watching this deshi hindi webseries, I came to know that if you are poor and play gambling, then somewhere your life is going to be ruined. A lot has been shown in the story of this and a lot has not been shown yet. Like Deepak Dutt Sharma has not been introduced properly yet. Deepak Das Sharma is in the series but we haven't got to see his scenes with anyone yet. On top of that, even our aunt does not have a scene in this, so now Juaa web series shows a lot even after showing a lot here. You must be understanding what I am trying to say, now you people get to see only two episodes in this, out of which only a scene of 10-12 minutes has been inserted. I don't show you much in the story, but if you people watch this part one because of the scene, then it will give you a lot of fun somewhere. This juaa webseries has been released on prime play app on 17 March 2023 i.e. Friday.

Aishwarya Agarwal
Actress Aishwarya Agarwal. 

In this, you people get to see two episodes, the time duration of which is being shown to us between 20 to 24 minutes. In this you will get to see the excellent work of all the actors and actors. Actor Deepak Das Sharma has done a good job so far. In the future, if we get to see the scene of any actress with Deepak Das Sharma, it will be fun. Still its story is quite incomplete. All more episodes are yet to come in this webseries.

If you guys want, you can go and see it now. In the case of the scene, it is quite tough.

Now I want to give my opinion to you guys.

It will be better if you people don't look at it now. Let part two be released. It will be a lot of fun if you guys watch both Part One and Part Two together. By watching both the parts together, its story will become very strong. If you people will see like this, literally you will enjoy from both the sides. I have put my opinion before you. Now the decision is in your hands what you will do. So this was just the review I wanted to give to you guys.

Story type love and Drama 
Released date17 March 2023
LanguageHindi, Bangali, Marathi, Bhujpuri.
Director Name Puneet Goyal 
Budget1 cr rupees Approximately.

Number of episodes2
Time duration 20 to 24 Minutes
 cast name 
  1. Aishwarya Agarwal.
  2. Bhanu Suryam.
  3. Deepak Dutt Sharma.
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