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We are always in search of good and we find what we have never explored before. Today I am going to tell you about a unique deshi hindi webseries whose story and cast are amazing. Even now I saw the trailer of MAAYAN series on kaddu app and I got to see what is good and what is bad in this trailer! To what level this webseries is going to go, today I am going to tell you in this blog. So hello welcome to all of you on our

I am giving these things in writing. Whenever this deshi hindi webseries will be released then fodder and fire will be set. I have seen the trailer of Maayan and I found the trailer very powerful. The trailer is absolutely fire. In Maayan web series you get to see good casting. Along with this, the concept and story of the series is absolutely unique. In this, you people are going to get to see everything, be it horror, suspense, thriller or romance. If you guys have seen the trailer of this movie, then maybe you must have understood by watching the trailer that how high it is going to go. In this, if you get to see a good story, you will definitely get it. Along with this, Jap people will also get to see the scenes very well. Understand that the scenes are going to be very intense. The kind of webseries you people find daily. It is like that.

Now talking about the story, in the story of the series we were shown two boys who have come to cover the story in a village above Maayan. Those who burn humans alive. Especially those who are couples, these people burn them alive. Now why do Maayan do this? What is the existence of Maayan in that village? And along with this both these boys are looking for a girl named Maya. Now will these people be able to find Maya or not? And whether these people will be able to cover the story on Maayan or not or else these people will get trapped in that village. If you people want to know, then you people have to watch this webseries on Kaddu's app. This Maayan has been released on 4 April 2023 on kaddu app. I am excited about this. I want to see what else is shown in this? No doubt it is going to be a lot of fun in terms of scene and in terms of story. Are you ready to watch this or not? Do tell me this by commenting. If you people have not taken the subscription of its Kaddu app, then take it soon. This is going to be a lot of fun. So this was just the review that I wanted to give you guys, I will meet you guys for the full review of this.

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