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Ullu App Releases Trailer for Upcoming Rikshawala Ullu Web Series.

Ullu App, a popular Indian OTT platform, has recently released the trailer for their upcoming web series, Rikshawala. The series is set to premiere on April 11, 2023, and features a unique storyline that revolves around a Rikshawala's quest to find love with a rich girl.

Jinnie Jazz Rikshawala web series

The show's plotline promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, with twists and turns that break societal boundaries. The web series is categorized as Drama, Romance, and Fantasy and is set to be a blockbuster hit among the already popular series like Jalebi Bai and Watchman.

Cast Names.

Rikshawala features an impressive cast that includes Smita Paul, Jinnie Jazz, and Ashraf in key roles. The lead characters, played by Paul and Jazz, will be at the forefront of the gripping story that revolves around their unlikely love story.

Jinnie Jaaz hot web series

The series, directed by Raifee, is the latest addition to Ullu App's collection of original content. The platform releases two new web series every week, giving viewers a vast array of options to choose from. The total making budget for Rikshawala is estimated to be around 90 lakh rupees.

Episodes, Seasons and languages.

Rikshawala ullu web series

The series is a one-season show that includes three episodes, each with a runtime of 25 minutes. The show will be available in Hindi and several other languages, including English, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil.

To watch the Rikshawala web series, viewers can access the Ullu app, which offers both monthly and yearly subscriptions. With a subscription, viewers can enjoy all web series on the platform for free, including Rikshawala.

Ullu app creators have brought their A-game by releasing four web series in a single day. Besides Rikshawala, other web series such as Aamras, Devrani Jethani aur Woh, and others have also been released.

Overall, the Rikshawala web series promises to be a unique and entertaining addition to Ullu App's collection of original content. With an exciting storyline, an impressive cast, and a reasonable budget, viewers can expect nothing short of a blockbuster hit from this web series.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Rikshawala web series is its unique storyline that challenges societal norms. The show explores the theme of love beyond social and economic boundaries, as the Rikshawala falls for a rich girl and faces challenges when the family denies his marriage proposal.

The trailer for the show gives viewers a sneak peek into the gripping plotline and the chemistry between the lead characters. Smita Paul and Jinnie Jazz's performances as the lead characters are highly anticipated, with both actors known for their versatile acting skills.

In addition to the lead cast, Ashraf's role in the series is also highly anticipated. Ashraf is a versatile actor known for his performances in several popular web series and films.

The Rikshawala web series is also noteworthy for its technical aspects, with a budget of around 90 lakh rupees. The show's makers have focused on creating a high-quality production that can compete with some of the best web series in the industry.

The series is directed by Raifee, an experienced filmmaker known for his work in several web series and films. His expertise and vision for the series are sure to add to the show's overall quality.

In conclusion, the Rikshawala web series promises to be a unique and entertaining addition to Ullu App's collection of original content. With a gripping storyline, an impressive cast, and high-quality production values, the show is expected to be a blockbuster hit among viewers. The show's release on April 11, 2023, is highly anticipated, and fans of Ullu App's content are eagerly waiting to watch the series.

Story type Romance, love, fantasy 
Released Platform Ullu original app
LanguageHindi, Bhujpuri, 
Release date31 March 2023
Budget90 lakh inr Rupees Approximately.

Episodes 1,2,3
Time duration 27 to 30 Minutes
Cast name 
  • Jinni jaaz 
  • Smita Paul
  • Ashraf 
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