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"That's right, folks! We're talking about the Adla Badli web series, which you can watch exclusively on the official Besharams app. This series has received an incredible response from both fans and critics alike, and it's time to find out why."

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Adla Badli is a rib-tickling comedy-drama that will leave you in splits. With its refreshing presentation, this web series has successfully managed to capture the attention of audiences. Released just recently on the 14th of May 2023, it has already created a buzz among viewers, providing the perfect entertainment to kickstart your Sundays.

The web series features an ensemble cast, led by talented actors Alendra Bill, Annu Maurya, Sarita, Sonam, and Kamal Krishna. Their performances bring life to the characters and add a whole new level of hilarity to the series. It's a delight to watch their chemistry on screen.

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Now, let's talk about the storyline. 

Adla Badli revolves around a newly married couple and their journey filled with unexpected twists. The series starts with a humorous conversation between the husband's mother and her friend, which sets the tone for the entire narrative. As the story progresses, we witness the daughter-in-law's struggle to cope with her husband's peculiar behavior. But what happens next? To find out, you'll have to watch this captivating web series.

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Main cast.

"Now, I know what you're thinking. When can you watch this exciting series? Well, mark your calendars because you can stream Adla Badli exclusively on the Besharams application starting from the 13th of May 2023."

If you haven't already, make sure to check out the trailer for the Adla Badli web series. It's already creating quite a buzz, and with hundreds of thousands of views, it's clear that viewers are eagerly awaiting its release.

One of the great things about Besharams is that they cater to a wide range of Indian viewers. You can enjoy Adla Badli in multiple languages such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and more. So, language won't be a barrier to your entertainment!

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To sum it up, Adla Badli is a delightful comedy-drama series that is guaranteed to leave you in splits. With its talented cast, engaging storyline, and impeccable comic timing, it's definitely worth your time. We can't wait to binge-watch this series and share our detailed review with you soon.

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Story type Romance and Comedy 
Released Platform Besharam app
LanguageHindi, Bangali, tamil, talagu, Marathi, Bhujpuri.
Release date13 May 2023
Budget60 lakh inr Rupees Approximately.

Episodes Total  2 episodes. 
Running time22 to 27  Minutes
 Cast name 
  • Ranjan
  • Rahul Kumar
  • Kamal Krishna
  • Sonam
  • Sarita
  • Annu Morya
  • Alendra Bill
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