Damad Ji besharam web series with rani pari, Kamalika Chanda.


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Perhaps you people will know very well that this besharam OTT platform which has been released is a part of Prime play app and Hunters app only. The people of Prime play and Hunters ott platform together have released this ott platform named besharam and are running it now. And somewhere or the other the director of the series to be released on all these is Same. Now a series has been released by Ek Damad ji on this besharam OTT app and today we will talk about this series only, but before that the casting of this Damad Ji was tremendous. Casting was so good that you will not be able to find between Reel and Real.

In this, you will get to see funny romance and suspense scenes of very famous actresses, but it went completely decent. Listen, now I am telling you clearly, we like to watch series like this on ott platform just because of the scene and you know this and I also know this. And in this Damad ji, you people get to see scenes. But the way in which we were expecting, we do not get to see the scenes. While Pihu singh, Rani Pari and Kamalika chanda have main acted in it.

Rani pari hot web series

Well, right now Kamalika Chanda has not been properly brought in the scene, but Rani pari was shown in some scenes. But you will not get to see the chest of Rani Pari as well. 

I had seen the trailer of this first and after watching the trailer, I felt that this time a new ott platform is coming, so it will give fun to the audience in a new way. But when I saw the full webseries it turned out to be useless. There were some expectations from this ott app, that too got shattered. Some people told me that "Whenever this besharam ott platform releases, Ullu will leave the original ones behind" maybe they must have been joking with me. This Damad Ji has been released on besharam app on Saturday, 14 May 2023. And now guys, you guys get to see three episodes in this, the time duration of which is being shown to us between 22 to 27 minutes. And one thing I really liked in this series was the performance of Rani pari. His acting is very good, but in the case of the scene, he missed a bit. Well, now I have told you all the things here. Its casting is very good but due to low class scene and story, it could not give fun to the audience. Now you have to decide whether you go to see this son-in-law or not.

Story type Romance and suspense. 
Released Platform Besharam app
LanguageHindi, Bangali, tamil, talagu, Marathi, Bhujpuri.
Release date14 May 2023
Budget79 lakh inr Rupees Approximately.

Episodes Total  3 episodes. 
Running time22 to 27  Minutes
 Cast name 
  • Priyanka Chaurasia
  • Rani Pari
  • Kamalika Chanda
  • Neha Gupta
  • Rit
  • Sapna
  • Gaurav Sinha
  • Raghav

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