Chaska Web Series hunter app cast and review.

Before anything comes, we tend to think too much about it. It will be like this because it is human nature. Then when the same thing comes in front, then whether it looks good or bad, but this webseries is completely destroyed. Even now I have seen part one of Chaska and in this part one I got to see what was good and what was bad, today I am going to tell you properly in this blog, so hello and welcome to all of you in our uttarpurbanchal. com.

I don't like to say bad about anything, but if we don't get to see that thing for which we have paid money, then somewhere I feel bad.

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Where did the high level of the hunter app go? The webseries of this ott platform are now being seen even more decent than decent. The only thing I really liked about this Chaska web series was the starcast. Apart from this, nothing good is seen in this webseries. Even the acting of all the actors in this webseries is totally useless.

It is no fun at all to watch the acting. Whereas in this series we are getting to see three actors. The looks of all three are very beautiful to see. But his acting did not look so beautiful. Along with this, even in the case of the scene, this actress could not perform so well. Now don't know whose fault is it, even after being such a beautiful actress, why these webseries could not perform well in terms of acting, it is not understood at all. 

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Chaska has completely descended from starting to end in terms of casting and scenes. But a good update for you guys is that in this story you get to see a little bit better, this Chaska Web Series has been released on Hunter app on 17 May 2023. And in this right now you get to see four episodes, the time duration of which is being shown to us between 20 to 25 minutes. You guys will get to see the descent in each and every episode of this. There is not even a single scene in this webseries, seeing which we can say that it was very good to see this scene. We were shown three actors in this series, out of which we know two actors Ritu Rai Acharya, Sunita very well. She has already done acting work on the series of Prime Play and Hunter app.

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Now here you will ask how would it be to watch this Chaska series? So I would say that if you want to watch this for the story then watch it but don't watch it for the scene and casting. You will not like seeing this.


"Chaska" is a web series that dives into the lives of two sisters pursuing their dreams while navigating complex relationships and unforeseen encounters. With each episode, the story unravels, captivating viewers and leaving them eager for the twists and turns that lie ahead. "Chaska" promises an engaging and captivating narrative of dreams, manipulation, and unlikely connections.

Chaska Web Series Cast.

  • Ritu Rai Acharya,
  • Sunitha,
  • Radhika,
  • Human
  • Ravi
  • Vinod Tripathi
  • Alok Nath Pathak

Story type Romance and Suspense
Released Platform Hunter app
LanguageHindi, Bangali, tamil, talagu, Marathi, Bhujpuri.
Release date17 May 2023
Budget89 lakh inr Rupees Approximately.

Episodes Total  2 episodes. 
Running time22 to 27  Minutes
Director Name
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