Dream Girl Ullu web series Pooja Poddar and bharti Jha


Maybe I missed the trailer review of this series, but I will not let the series be missed. Finally I watched Dream Girl web series. And you guys were wondering whether this web series has become worth watching for us or not? So today I am going to tell you in this blog whether this dream girl has become worth watching for you or not? So let's start the blog quickly.📌

Pooja poddar web series

We wanted to see this series for Pooja Poddar. Why? Because Pooja does very little acting in the series of Poddar Ullu app. Now when this series of his will come, then all the people will definitely go to watch it. Pooja Poddar So I got to see good on this. Along with this, you will also get to see the acting of Actress Bharti Jha very well. Both the actors are in very interesting characters in this webseries. You people were saying again and again that ullu ott people are no longer making good series like before and it is no longer fun to watch. But this time you guys look at this dream girl. In this, you people are going to get fun from all sides, be it acting, story or scenes, this series will try to give you fun from all sides.

Pooja Poddar web series
Main Actress Pooja Poddar. 

This Dream girl has been released on 16 May 2023 on Ullu original app. And in this part one, you people get to see three episodes whose time duration will be shown to you between 19 to 20 minutes. Bharti Jha will win your hearts in the first episode. And in the second episode, Pooja Poddar, then in the third episode, Zoya Rathor Rathore will captivate your heart and soul.

Bharti jha and Pooja Poddar

Yes, beautiful and famous actress Zoya Rathor will also be seen acting on this Dream girl series.

What do you guys expect from this series? Not only that the story should be good and the scenes should be of a unique type. The way the camera angle has been taken while filming the scene. The bow has been done very well and because of this somewhere, its scenes become good to a great extent. Now you guys should understand that this month's Dream Girl is the hottest web series. So if you guys haven't seen it yet, go watch it. Its part one has been made very well.


"Dream Girl" is a tale about Rani, who gets fascinated by her sister's husband after reading a book. She daydreams about romance and faces a dilemma about what's right and wrong. Rani tries to change herself and make better choices. The story shows her inner conflict between following her forbidden desires or doing what she knows is right.

Cast Names.

  • Bharti jha.
  • Pooja Poddar.
  • Zoya Rathor.
  • Himanshu Sharma.
  • Farhan Ansari. 

Story type Romance and Suspense
Released Platform Ullu original app
e date16 May 2023
Budget90 lakh inr Rupees Approxima

Episodes Total  2 episodes. 
Running time22 to 27  Minutes
Director NameRaifee 
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