Malamaal Prime play web series shyna khatri, aayushi and bharti jha.


It would not be right to say much here right now. I have just come to tell you that a new web series is coming on Prime Play called Malamaal. So today we are going to give you some updates related to this series, like when this web series will be released? And who will be the star cast? This is what I am going to tell you in this blog today. So hello welcome to all of you on our📌

Shyna khatri, Aayushi Jaiswal and Bharti Jha both actress are the pride of this series. In this funny webseries Malamaal, on one side we will get to see Shyna Khatri and on the other side Bharti Jha will be seen acting. These two are not less than anyone in beautiful looks and acting. If it comes to giving a scene, then both these actresses can set fire completely. If the director makes this series good, then somewhere it will prove to be the most explosive series of this week.

It is a bit difficult to tell who will be Malamaal in this series. If we mesmerize people through the prime play scene and through the story, then there will be some good thing somewhere.

You people will get to see this series on prime play app on 26 May 2023 Friday. And in this series you may get to see five or six episodes. Its casting is simply awesome. If both actress Shyna Khatri, Aayushi Jaiswal and Bharti Jha come to the scene, then the series will prove to be a hit among the audience. But if it doesn't, it will once again go into the trash. Yes, the way Prime Play and Hunter ott platform series are going in the trash right now.

Bharti jha web series
Actress Bharti Jha. 

I just hope that if this Malamaal comes, it will give a good scene and also bring a good story. So as soon as it will be released on 26 May 2023, we will reach with the review and tell to what level it can please the audience.

Shyna khatri web series
Actress Shyna Khatri. 


"Malamaal, an original web series on Primeplay, delves into the dynamic of a three-way romantic relationship involving two women and a man.

Cast Name. 

  1. Bharti jha 
  1. Shyna khatri 
  1. Aayushi jaiswal 

Story type Romance
and Dramatic 
Released Platform Prime play app
e date26 May 2023
Budget83 lakh inr Rupees Approxima

Episodes Total  3 episodes. 
Running time22 to 27  Minutes
Director NamePorous
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