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The trailer for Ravi Sarma's next assamese film "Sri Raghupati" was released with great fanfare.

Raghupati ravi sharma

On Wednesday, the long-awaited trailer for Ravi Sharma's highly anticipated film, "Sri Raghupati," was released. The trailer begins with a stunning line spoken by Ravi Sarma, who also plays the film's key character. "Raghupati is another name for Ramachandra," he says. Rama was born to defeat Ravana of Lanka, but innumerable Ravanas emerged after his defeat." ROOTSTOCK ENTERTAINMENT's YouTube account has posted the trailer.

The trailer, which lasts 2 minutes and 48 seconds, features all of the characters and closes with the film's release date. "Sri Raghupati" is set to visit theatres in June.

Raghupati actress

Ravi Sarma commented on the film's publication on YouTube, saying, "The trailer is approximately 2 minutes and 48 seconds long." We purposefully made it a little longer to give audiences a sense of the film's quality."

"We unveiled the film's poster four years ago and were delighted with the response we received," said lead actor Ravi Sarma. "That gave us the confidence to move forward." In this film, we put in three times the effort for the same money. It's been a long trip, and the crew is still working hard."

Preeti Kankana movie
Main Actress Preeti Kankana.

The film's release had been delayed because to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, Assamese cinema lovers and Ravi Sarma's admirers are looking forward to its release. The film is extensively marketed on a variety of platforms, including stages, communities, schools, and institutions.

The film is produced by "Trishna Motion Pictures" and written and directed by Subrat Kakati. Producers are Dhritiman Sharma and Mayurakshi Sharma. Pranay Dutta is in charge of the music.

Along with Ravi Sarma, the film stars Reena Bora, Arun Nath, Aran Hazarika, Preeti Kankana, Manjit Sharma, Siddharth Mukherjee, Priyam Pallavi, Luna Devi, Bubli Kashyap, and Raj Sharma, who returns to acting after a 17-year absence.

Story type Suspense
Director Subrat Kakati 
Released date2nd June 2023
BudgetApproximately $2,42,234.00 usd


TrishnaMotion Pictures.
Shooting Location India, Assam. 
Running timeMinimum 2 hours.
Ticket Booking price Minimum 100 rs to 200 inr.

No Cast Photo Cast Names

Ravi sharma actor

Ravi Sarma
Reena Bora
Tarun nath actor

Arun Nath
Preeti Kankana actress

Preeti Kankana
Manjit Sharma
Siddharth Mukherjee actor

Siddharth Mukherjee
Priyam Pallavi actress

Priyam Pallavi
Luna Devi
Bubli Kashyap
Raj Sharma
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