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When a person starts drowning, he needs something to support him so that he can get out of there. But if you remain in a state of intoxication, you will commit mistakes, even if you do not get support, you may still drown.📌

Same is going to happen with this webseries as well. Even now I am watching the Sahara web series trailer on hunter's youtube channel and I got to see what was good and what was bad in this trailer! This is what I am going to tell you today in this blogs article. So hello welcome to all of you on our 📌

Hunter new webseries

One thing will happen in this webseries. This series will try to teach you that we should not do drugs. Because it only harms oneself, it harms the body, along with it some relationships also get spoiled. In this series you will get to see a similar story. An uncle was shown to us. Those who are committing dacoity at their own house in the state of intoxication. The star of this Sahara web series is very good. In this we are getting to see new actors.

Sahara Hunter web series

Hunter app people bring any new actors, then they definitely give fun to the audience. But for some time now the fun has reduced a bit on the webseries of hunter ott platform. If we get to see that fun again in this series with the new actress, then the subscription money will be recovered. This Sahara web series has been released on 31 May 2023. You people can see it through internet on Hunter app. And both its Part One and Part Two have been released one after the other. In Part One, you people will get to see three or four episodes.

Sahara web series cast

I hope that this time the audience will not feel disappointed. Because since many days we have not got to see any good webseries on Hunter app. If you get to see this good, then you will enjoy it. So that's all in this blog. In the next blog, we will bring the full review of this story in front of you. And I will tell whether this series has become worth watching for you or not, so this was just the update of Sahara web series that I wanted to give to you people. Will meet you guys for the full review of this series.


  • Teena
  • Kaira Shehgel
  • Rupesh
  • Manish
  • Jaya
  • Kamal Krishna 
Story type Romance
and Suspense
Released Platform Hunter app
LanguageHindi, tamil, talagu, Bhujpuri, Bangali, Malayalam 
Release date31 May 2023
Budget15 lakh inr Rupees Approxima

Episodes Total  2 episodes. 
Running time22 to 27  Minutes
Director NameSudhir Mishra 

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