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Dr Neha Chauhan78: A Multi-Talented Video Creator, Dentist.

Dr. Neha Chauhan78 is a remarkable individual who has made a significant impact in various domains, captivating the Instagram community with her creativity and expertise. With an impressive follower count of 370k, she has gained widespread recognition for her engaging videos and captivating content. As a video creator, she showcases her talent through her Instagram account, and she can also be found on another platform under the username @nehac.hauhan1111.

Born on October 1, 1994, in the vibrant city of Chandigarh, India, Dr. Neha Chauhan78 discovered her passion for dentistry early in life. After completing her studies at the prestigious Uttaranchal Dental And Medical Research Institute, she embarked on a fulfilling career as a dentist. Currently, she serves as an Assistant Surgeon at two renowned hospitals, Sir Sundar Lal Hospital BHU and AIIMS in New Delhi, India. Her dedication and expertise in the medical field have earned her a stellar reputation among her colleagues and patients.

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Aside from her professional endeavors, Neha is an avid traveler who wholeheartedly embraces the beauty of exploring new places. Her love for discovering new cultures and destinations has enabled her to create content that resonates with a wide audience. Through her travel experiences, she has been infinitely blessed with enriching encounters and unforgettable memories.

Dr Neha Chauhans creativity extends beyond her profession, as she also owns a YouTube channel dedicated to vlogging. Her channel, @Vibhu_neha_official, provides a glimpse into her daily life, adventures, and valuable insights into her field of expertise. As a fervent supporter of her religious beliefs, Neha practices Hinduism with deep reverence and incorporates elements of her faith into her content.

When it comes to personal style, Dr. Neha Chauhan has an affinity for sarees, which she gracefully showcases in her posts. Her choice of attire reflects her cultural heritage and adds a touch of elegance to her overall persona.

Currently residing in the serene capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, Dr. Neha Chauhan78 embraces life as a single individual, allowing her to focus wholeheartedly on her career and passions. She welcomes inquiries for paid collaborations through direct messages or email, demonstrating her openness to creative partnerships.

Dr. Neha Chauhan's dedication and multifaceted talents continue to inspire others. Her ability to balance her professional and personal life while sharing her experiences and expertise with the world is truly commendable. With a bright future ahead, Dr. Neha Chauhan78's journey is one to follow and be inspired by.








Traveling and fashion design.

Working Places

Place: Sir Sundar Lal Hospital BHU and AIIMS, New Delhi, India


Prashansa Hazarika

Birth Place

Chandigarh, India.

Date of Birth.

Her Age

29 years old (2023)



Her Birth day

1 October 1994


School ( Class 1 to 10)

Not update

Junior College ( class 11 to 12)

Not update. 

Doctor Degree (dentist)

Uttaranchal Dental And Medical Research Institute

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