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I was ready since many days to watch this series. Wanted to see if this Sahara is coming, how would be its story? Because I had little expectations from this hunters series. But now what good and what bad did I get to see in this series? Actually who was given Sahara in the series, today I am going to tell you in this article and will also tell whether this webseries has become worth watching or not? So let's start this review quickly.

Look, in the first article of this I told you that I am expecting a little from this series. And I got as much as I had expected from this webseries. I could not see anything more than that in this series, while it was a series of hunters app. Well let it go. If you guys see this once, you will surely enjoy it. Seeing this, you people cannot say that this sahara part 1 web series is absolutely useless. And from above, you people also get to see the story of the series well and there is no doubt about it. You guys will get to see the star cast of the series.

The star cast of Sahara part 1 is quite good. Everyone's acting is also very good and above all, you will like the acting of Chachaji's character in this series. His acting level is shown at its best. This Sahara web series has been released on 31 May 2023 on the Hunters app. And in this Sarina part 1 webseries, you people get to see four episodes. Right now there are four episodes in this Part One, whose time duration is between 20 to 23 minutes, you will get to see the people.

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Each and every episode of this will give you a little fun somewhere or the other and now it is about the scene. So do you guys get to see scenes in this Sahara part 1?

Answer yes, the scenes are seen. But you people do not get to see the same scenes in this as they used to see in Hunters Ott platform series earlier, but still you are comfortable with what you are getting to see in this. You can be happy This series is the best of all the webseries that you have got to see on the Hunters ott platform or app this month.

So understand what you people will get to see in this. In this the time duration of the scene is a bit less but still it will definitely give you fun. So those who haven't seen this Sahara part 1 go and watch it. So this was just the review I wanted to give to you guys.

Casts Name .

  • Teena
  • Kaira Shehgel
  • Rupesh
  • Manish
  • Jaya
  • Kamal Krishna 

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