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The helpless poor boy would have died, what would he not have done, the fear of the society is in everyone's heart and somewhere the person gets defeated in front of it. The same happened in this series. So finally I saw Sahara part 2 web series and what good and what bad did I get to see in this part two? Is this webseries worth watching for us or not? So this is what I am going to tell you in this blog today, so hello and welcome to all of you on our📌

Yes, I agree that uncle did wrong as shown in the story, where is it right to rob one's own house? But I felt bad seeing the way he was sitting and crying for his wife. The one high point in the series is his acting and performance. If you people see them, then literally they will make you very happy. I didn't think of this at all.

Sahara hunters web series

When we saw Part One of this Sahara, Part One went downhill. Nothing special was shown to us in part 1, but in its part two, you guys are going to have a lot of fun somewhere. The story of Sahara part 2 is also very good as compared to part 1 and along with it the scenes have also been inserted very well. So much so that you can enjoy to the fullest. After a long time, the people of Hunters app have put such a good scene in a webseries. So for this reason it is necessary to watch this series. Now here Hunters app people have not fully come in the form, but they are trying to come again in the old form. Not watching this great Part 2 would be an insult to the series. So I would say that at least once you people must watch this Sahara part 2 on Hunters app.

This Sahara part 2 has been released on 7 June 2023, Wednesday on the ott platform named Hunters app. And in Guys Is Part Two, you guys get to watch three episodes, whose time duration ranges from 20 to 21 minutes. 

Hunter web series

Now, here you may not get to see anything special in episode 5, but all the episodes ahead of it are there. He will definitely seem special to you. In this part two, I have got to see almost good work of all the cast and crew. Then whether it is in the character of uncle, in the character of friend or in the character of niece! You get to see the acting of all the people very well. Just the acting of the nieces has gone awry but not much. Well, instead of focusing on this, let us focus on the scene and focus a little on the story, then we will enjoy. So those who haven't seen it yet go and watch this webseries. So this was just the review I wanted to give to you guys.

Casts Name.

  • Kaira Shehgel (Lavlin)
  • Teena (Sana)
  • Manish (Jaggy)
  • Kamal Krishna (Ranjit

Sahara part 2 hunters web series

Story type Entertainment 
and Romantic
Released Platform Hunters app 
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bangali
Release date13 june 2023
Budget44 lakh inr Rupees Approxima

Total Episode 5
Running time20 to 21 Minutes
Director NameS Rao
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