Tohfa web series ullu app Shyna khatri.

Give someone a gift and take it, you are thinking that my hands will tremble. As soon as its teaser was launched on ullu app, we got to see the trailer soon. So finally we are going to get to see a series by Tohfa on Ullu's app. I saw the trailer of this hindi web series and I got to see what is good and what is bad in this trailer, today I am going to tell you in this blog, so hello welcome to all of you on our

Before saying anything, I was literally very happy to see its casting. I didn't know that by doing Tohfa we would get to see a series on Ullu's app. In this web series you will get to see three actors.📌

Shyna khatri web series

So first of all, you will see Shyna Khatri as an actress, who is currently considered the queen of every Hindi web series platform. After that again you will get to see Pihu singh and Leena Sharma. So apart from these three actors being good to watch, the performance is also very good. And all of you get this thing.

If the director makes good scenes along with the story of the series, then it will be a lot of fun to watch this gift. If you guys have seen the trailer of this Tohfa web series, then you must have got some idea about its story!

In this Tohfa web series story,

 we will be shown a boy who has come to stay at his friend's house for a few days. So now what will this boy do in his friend's house!

Its story is not that special but you will enjoy watching it. And along with this, if the scenes are good in this, then it will prove to be a strong and explosive web series of this week or this month. And the best thing is that Rakesh Chauhan will be seen acting as the lead actor in this Tohfa.

You must have seen his work in the Caretaker web series. Along with this, this actor has done this acting in many series. Whether it is on Ullu's app or Prime play or Hunters app. So, if we get to see their good work too, then we will be very happy. Although their acting performance is good, but if we get to see the kind of work that we expect from them, then it would be fun.

You people will get to see this Tohfa web series on June 13, 2023 through internet on ullu app.

And guys, you may get to see two parts in this. Although the story of this is not very long, but two episodes may be shown to you in this series. So if you guys have seen the trailer then you can tell me by commenting how did you guys like the trailer? I liked the trailer very much, so I will meet you guys for the full review of this series.

Cast Names. 

  • Shyna khatri 
Shyna khatri web series

  • Pihu singh 
Pihu singh web series

  • Leena Singh

  • Tarakesh chauhan
  • Tarakesh chauhan web series

Story type Suspense 
and Romantic
Released Platform Ullu Original 
Release date13 june 2023
Budget83 lakh inr Rupees Approxima

Episode Multiple episodes. 
Running time22 to 27  Minutes
Director NameSsk

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