Malvika Tomar hot web series name and biography.

Meet Malvika Tomar, the actress who stars in Hindi web series that you can watch on your computer or phone with the help of the internet! She has just started her acting journey in small Hindi entertainment industries. Her first series is called "Gurudakshina," and it premiered on 1st July 2023 on the famous OTT app called Besharams. Since then, she has been making waves in the world of web series. She also starred in "Buddha Pyar" on the Hunters OTT platform, "Maalik" on the Besharam app, and "Khiladi Bhaiya" on the Hunters app.📌

Malvika Tomar web series

Malvika loves cats and other animals. She also participated in a glittering fashion event called YOUR WAYS FASHION WEEK 2, which took place three months ago.

Not only is she a great Indian actress, but she is also a beautiful model. She particularly enjoys wearing the special Indian outfit, Saree.

Malvika Tomar biography

Malvika resides in Philkhuwa, Uttar Pradesh. According to an Instagram post, her height is 5 feet 4 inches, and she claims her ATTITUDE is even taller. She is a finalist in the contest called Spotless Face of India 2023, which means she is truly beautiful without using much makeup. Additionally, on 27th April 2023, she was a part of Blue Wings Fashion Week Season 3 as a runway model in Delhi NCR, where she surprised everyone with her graceful moves.

She is now almost 27 years old and has many friends in the entertainment industry, such as Anu Morya, Ritu Pandey, and Pihu Singh.

Malvika Tomar all web Series

Malvika also has a youtube channel where she keeps showing her practice videos and behind the scenes to her followers. And you can find his youtube channel @malvi_331. Plus, whenever you want to see Malvika Tomar in action or see her beautiful photos, you can find her on Instagram @model_malvika.

OccupationActress and Model
AgeApproximately 27 years old
Monthly Income Approximately 80k+
Birth PlaceUttar Pradesh, india.
Current ResidenceMumbai, India
Favorite Animals 
Favorite DressIndian Saree and Modern Dresses

Malvika tomer web Series name.

1. Guru Dakshina

Guru Dakshina is a romantic and dramatic web series with one season and three parts. It stars Malvika Tomar, Pihu Singh, and many others. The series was released on July 1, 2023, on the Besharams app in the Hindi language. Each episode runs for 24 minutes, and the total making budget was 7 lakh.

2. Buddha Pyar

"Buddha Pyar" is a lovely web series with one season and three episodes. The main cast includes Malvika, Anu Murya, and Priyanka Chaurasia. It premiered on July 12, 2023, on the Hunters app, and it is available in Hindi, Bangla, Telugu, and Malayalam languages. Each episode has a runtime of 30 minutes and 12 seconds, and the making budget was 11 lakh.

3. Maalik

"Maalik" is a fantastic web series featuring drama, romance, and fantasy. It was released on July 29, 2023, on the Besharams app in Hindi, Bangla, Telugu, and Tamil languages. The first season consists of two episodes, each running for 25 minutes. The series stars Malvika, Ritu Pandey, and Kamal Krishna, with a making budget of 8 lakh

4. Khiladi Bhaiya

"Khiladi Bhaiya" is an exciting fantasy web series with one season and two episodes. It was released on July 26, 2023, on the Hunters Original app in Hindi, Bangla, Telugu, and Tamil languages. Each episode has a runtime of 23 minutes and 8 seconds, and the making budget was 6 lakh. The series features Malvika and Priya Paul in the main cast.

5. Mardani Sarpanch.

6. Akhri Ichha.

7. Khoda Hostel Nikla Ladka

8. Ilaaj

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