Mardani Sarpanch prime play web series cast and release date.

Anything can happen to you here. It is not going to be as bad as it seems. Finally we will get to see Malvika Tomar once again on Prime play app. The name of his upcoming series is Mardani Sarpanch and even now I am seeing the poster of this series. Let's talk about this series. So today in this article I will tell you what will happen in the series and what not? And when will this series be released?

Malvika tomar web series

If you people see the poster of the series, then in the poster you will see Malvika Tomar in full attitude. We know that actress Malvika Tomar is very good in scenes but the name of the series is Mardani Sarpanch and the acting in it is very strong. If even a little bit of acting goes wrong, the series will also go wrong. I have watched many of Malvika's series and I know that she is not that special in terms of acting. Hope he acts well in this series and proves me wrong. If this happens, then scene plus story plus acting is going to be a complete high level.

And you are going to see a completely new concept of story in this series. Talking about the release date of Mardani Sarpanch series, there are high chances of it being released on Monday i.e. 30 October 2023.

I will be able to tell you more information related to the series only after its release. So this was just the little update I was trying to give you guys.

Series NameMardani Sarpanch
Lead ActressMalvika Tomar
Release DateExpected on October 30, 2023
ConceptFamily Affairs and Suspense. 
Language Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bangala.
Release PlatformPrime Play App
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