Doodhwali hunters web series released date, cast and story.

Seeing this poster, you say that I will not go to watch the series, Viewers, how will I not go? I will drag it. just kidding. So finally guys here we got to see the second poster of Doodhwali. Now what good and what bad did I see in this poster? Which actress will be in this web series, what will happen in the series, what will not happen, when will it be released? This is all I am going to tell you today in this review article, so hello, welcome to all of you on our



Talking about the first cast, in this Doodhwali web series, you will get to see Ritika Surya in the main role. These are very handsome and attractive actors, if you have seen season four of Pehredar web series, then you must have seen this main actors in it and along with this Ritika Surya, you will also see Priya Roy acting. . Along with this, you people will also get to see new actors in the series. Who will always try to show us 100% good performance. And in this we will get to see Kamal Krishna in the form of Man actor. Who doesn't know them? They have the secret on Prime play and Hunters ott app. Its action profomance is quite amazing.

So let's know the story of Doodhwali web series now.

Storyline can be found from the name of the series itself, in the story of this series there will be a milk seller girl who will sell milk, how she is becoming self-sufficient by selling milk.

Now talking about the released date of Doodhwali web series, it will be released approximately in the first week of September 2023 on the Hunters app.

How excited and how much expectation is there to watch this series? Please tell us this by messaging us. So this was just the little update I wanted to give you guys.

Cast name.

  1. Ritika surya 
  2. Priya Roy 
  3. Kamal Krishna 
Story type family drama. 
Online Released Platform Hunters original app
LanguageHindi, tamil, talagu, Bangala. 
Release date6 th September 2023.
Budget14.5 lakh inr Rupees Approximately.

Episods3 episodes. 
Running time30 to 31 Minutes par Episodes. 

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