Secret ingredient ullu web series review cast name and released date.

Ullu web series
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Something was thought, something happened, but whatever was shown in this web series was enjoyed. I was not looking forward to this series, but after watching this series I was literally carried away. Now also I watched the part one of Secret Ingredient which has been released on ullu original app and what good and what bad did I see in this part one? Is this series worth watching for you or not? What was shown in the story? This is what I am going to tell you today in this review article, so hello and welcome to all of you on our

Cast: Pooja Singh Rajpoot. 

While watching the series, I would just like to tell you that do not fast forward the scenes, otherwise you will not enjoy it at all. I didn't think that this Secret ingredient web series could be this good in terms of scenes! I thought that watching this Ullu web series would be so good! But no, this series is quite high in terms of promotion and casting. In this secret ingredient, we were shown Payal Patil, Pooja Singh Rajpoot and Smita Paul in the form of actresses.

Payal Patil web series
Cast: Payal Patil. 

All the three actresses shown in this are very beautiful and talented. All these beasts do not hold back in matters of professionalism. The way their expressions have been put into the series is quite good. Guys in this series you can only expect from the scenes as the story is not that good. Apart from the story, the scenes, casting and camera angles of the series are quite amazing.

Smita Paul web series
Cast: Smita Paul. 

Secret ingredient web series was released on Ullu original app on 30 August 2023. And in this Part One, you get to watch three episodes whose time duration is between 20 to 27 minutes. You will get to see its part two in approximately the first week of September and it will try to provide more entertainment than this. If you guys want to watch this ullu web series only because of the Profomance of Actress Pooja Singh Rajpoot, pyal Patel and Smita Paul, then these Actresses will give you a lot of fun. So those who haven't seen it yet, go watch part one on Ullu app. So this was just the small review that I wanted to give you guys.

Actress name.

  • Smita Paul 
  • Pooja Singh Rajpoot 
  • Payal Patil 
Story type Romance and drama. 
Online Released Platform Ullu original app
Release datePart 1 released date is 29 September 2023.

Part 2 Released Date Is 5 September 2023.
Budget70 lakh inr Rupees Approximately.

Episods3 episodes. 
Running time30 to 31 Minutes par Episodes. 
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