Kunwari cheekh web series hunters app cast name and release date.

Who knows why whenever this uncle is shown to us as a Sarpanch, he is made bad in whatever series it is. Who knows what is the reason behind these? Well, I finally completed Kunwari cheek by watching part one. Now what is good and what is bad in this part one? Is the series worth watching for you or not? Today I am going to tell you all about how much fun this web series gives in this blog, so hello and welcome to all of you on our uttarpurbanchal.com.

Ritu Rai web series

First of all, I find the story of this series absolutely ridiculous. After all, why make this kind of story? Who is screaming in the village? Is it not coming out? What kind of story is this when you go to the door and hear the screams? The story looked completely rubbish to me and I don't know why Hunters app does this again and again? We have seen this in many Hunters app series.

Whose story is seen to be absolutely absurd. Seeing such stories, it literally starts running in the mind that such a trend must be happening in some village somewhere in our India. You guys, think about it, you too must have thought like this sometimes while watching the story of any series. The only complaint I have is with the story of this series. Apart from this, everything in the series was shown very harshly. Be it an actor or an actress. The main actress of this series is Ritu Rai. And if you people see her in the series, you will go crazy, because Ritu Rai has been seen in a very attractive form in this Kuwaari Cheekh web series. This is one of the best web series of Ritu Rai till date. Meaning, according to performance and scenes, this can prove to be Ritu Rai's best series till date. Along with Ritu Rai, we got to see another actor in this series, whose name is Ritika Surya. He is also good in acting series. The series was released on Hunter's app on 25 October 2023 and in this part one, you currently get to see four episodes. The time duration of all four episodes is between 21 to 30 minutes.

Along with Ritu Rai, Ritika Surya, other actresses like Komal Ruthala, Pihu Singh have also acted in the series. And the scenes of these actresses will be shown in part two. Understand that in Part One, the main queen is Ritu Rai, so if you guys are watching this series for Ritu Rai, then Ritu Rai is not going to disappoint you at all. So go and watch the series. This was a small review of Kuwaari cheekh which I was trying to convey to you.

Review of Kuwaari Cheekh - 

StoryAbsurd and unconvincing
CastImpressive performances by Ritu Rai, Ritika Surya, Komal Ruthala, Pihu Singh.
Release DateOctober 25, 2023
Number of Episodes4 episodes (21 to 30 minutes each)
Main ActressRitu Rai in an attractive form
Released Platform Hunters app.
RecommendationWorth watching if you're a fan of Ritu Rai
Budget13 lakh
DirectorDirector's Name
Total Views50 lakh
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bangala. 
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