Chachi no 1 ullu web series cast name, release date and story.

It is difficult to bear this. You see, the series forced me to bring a review. I did not want to come with a review of this web series but I had to come. So today in this article I will tell you what is good and what is bad to be seen in this Chachi no1 web series. So finally I have completed watching the entire episode of Chachi no 1 web series. Now what is good and what is bad in this series? Today I am going to tell you in this article whether the series is worth watching for you or not, so hello and welcome to all of you on our

Prajakta Jahagirdar

Whether you like the actors of this web series or not is your matter, but the story and the screen of the series are screaming that if there should be any series of actual Ullu app, then it should be like this. The series hits the heart, not the mind and the director of this series is very intelligent. The creator of the web series knows very well which scenes people like to watch. The director of this Chachi no1 is Punit Goyal and you all know his work. This director is amazing. I am praising this series because the series is worthy of praise and Prajakta Jahagirdar is the lead actor in this Chachi no1. You have acted very well. I have been watching her acting since the beginning, this actress is amazing. If given a scene, she will not back down and her expressions are also very strong in the series. If you guys haven't watched this series yet, what are you doing? This Chachi no1 has been released on Ullu app on 17th October 2023. And guys, in this part two you guys will get to see two episodes. The total episodes of the series are four and you get to see a lot of action in all four episodes.

Prajakta Jahagirdar web series

In the story of Chachi no 1, a boy has come to his uncle's house and there he has fallen in love with his own aunt. How far does this love go? If you want to know then watch it on Ullu original app. You guys will get a lot of fun from the series. So this was just the small review I was trying to convey to you.

Review Chachi no1 Web Series

StoryEngaging and hits the heart
DirectorPunit Goyal
Lead ActorPrajakta Jahagirdar
Release DateOctober 17, 2023
Number of Episodes4 episodes (2 in Part Two)
GenreRomantic Drama
Running Time30 to 31 per episode
Released PlatformUllu Original App
BudgetApproximately 11 lakh.
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