Vaidh Hunters web series with aliya naaz all episodes.

This month is not going to be any ordinary month. This month is special because we are getting to watch new web series. , Nature is giving the temperature anyway. Along with this, this ott platform is working to increase the temperature. First of all, we are getting to see season four of Pehredaar web series on Prime play app. After that, Khalish part three on Ullu's app and Hunters ott app, you will soon get to see a series which will definitely try to give you a lot of happiness this month.

So today we are going to give review of only one of these three series. Whose name is Vaidh.

Aliya Naaz web series

So today we will talk about a Hindi language webseries named Vaidh coming on Hunters app which is going to be released after a few days.

So first of all I will tell you that for how long will you get to see this series and who will be acting in the series?

So the answer to this is that in this valid webseries you people are going to see Aliya Naaz as the main actress. So you guys should understand that what is going to happen in this series! People who know Aliya Naaz must have heard about Aliya Naaz's unique beautiful acting performance. Because she is a famous web series actress. So it is a matter of pleasure that we will get to see this actress in this web series as well. Last time there was a series called Ek Tadap on Hunters app, which proved to be a hit. Now there are chances that Aliya Naaz can make this series a hit in a big way if she wants to. If Bo Seen would have been given well in this series. If these scenes are given well then this series will set on fire.

Aliya Naaz web series
Main Actres.

On the other hand, the fan base of Aliya Naaz is huge. You all know that people want to see Aliya Naaz again and again. And the public says that once they wanted to see Aliya Naaz on any webseries of Hunters app and finally Hunters ott people listened to the public and listened to me along with it. Why? Because I had also told Hunters ott people to bring Aliya in some series. So finally we are going to get to see this webseries of Actress Aliya Naaz named Vaidh very soon. And soon I said but now I am telling you its exact release date.

So you people will get to see this Vaidh web series on 14th June 2023 through internet on Hunters ott platform.

Now here I am not expecting much from this series. I am just hoping here from Actress Aliya Naaz. His acting is already very good, but if his scenes are good then it will be a lot of fun to watch this webseries. So now we will not talk much about it. Let the teaser and trailer come, then I will tell you how the story and casting is going to be and to what extent this series can give you happiness! So this was just the review I wanted to give to you guys.

Cast Names. 

  • Aliya Naaz 
  • Ishika Bose 

Story type Dramatic 
and Romantic
Released Platform Hunters app
LanguageHindi, tamil, talagu, Bhujpuri, Bangali, Malayalam 
Release date14 june 2023
Budget46 lakh inr Rupees Approxima

Episodes Total  2 episodes. 
Running time22 to 27  Minutes
Director Name
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