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Many of you must have been happy. The series has come on your demand Pehredaar season 3. What to do, I am a little late in giving review.

Now here it is a good thing for those who have seen Pehredaar season 3 web series and for those who have not been able to see, today I will tell them to what level this Pehredaar web series scenes and story has gone. So guys, today we are going to review Pehredaar season 3, so let's start the blog quickly. 📌

Jayshree gaikwad and Deepak Dutt Sharma

Many people here say that they did not like this series that much and many people are saying that they liked this series. Now those who have not liked this, let me tell them that there is a level of web series in terms of scenes and prime play people are already standing at that level. Now if you people demand more than this, then it is not possible.

Shyna khatri and Prashant Desh Pandey

Be happy with what you people are getting because a rule regulation has been imposed on them. If these people go against this rule and regulation, and show people full bold, then it is not possible. If these people do this, then the rules will be violated and their series will go to the police. As well as their ott platform as well. I hope you guys must have understood. Now if we talk about its release, then it has been released on Friday on Prime play app. And in this right now you people get to see three episodes.

Prime play web series

The story of Pehredaar season 3 is still incomplete. Later on, you guys are going to have more fun in this. To be honest, I have liked its story and scenes very much. In this, you people do not get to see the story that much, but in the series, you people will get to see good scenes. Which will give you fun. Shyna Khatri's work is very good in this. Along with this, you will also like the acting of Jayshree Gaikwad. Now here we talk about the story of the web series, then you will get to see the story here like season one. The only difference is that in Season 3 the bride was not brought with much fanfare. Like season one, father-in-law is doing the same look. Now what else can be seen in this season three? If you guys want to know then you guys have to watch Pehredaar season 3. If you ask me how it would be to watch this, then I say go, go and watch it, you will have a lot of fun. This Friday you guys will get to see more suits from Pehredar Season 3 so don't miss it.

Cast name and photo.

1. Shyna khatri

2. Jayshree gaikwad. 

3. Dipak Dutt Sharma. 

4. Prashant Desh Pandey.

Prashant Desh Pandey

Story type  Love and suspense. 
Released platformPrime play app
Release date6 January 2023
Number of episodes4
Time duration 31 minutes .
Director Sudhir Mishra
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